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A.N.D. Direct, LLC will soon be offering business microlending for those who qualify. We understand the challenges for startups or other small business owners and managers to access the capital they need. We also understand the catch-22 of business credit: How can you build and show credibility when no one will lend you your initial capital?

In addition, we’re a member of several business credit bureaus, so the microloans we originate will be reported, which means that your company can build business credit. Another benefit of our microloans is that there is no personal guarantee, which means we look at the strength of your company’s business management and financials as opposed to the business owner’s credit score.

If you need to start with a personal microloan, we have partnered with DEXTURA TECHNOLOGIES, INC., a leader in “alternative credit-based microlending,” who will find the best loan or line of credit for your business needs.

Find out if and for how much your company qualifies by filling out the online application below. A sales representative from A.N.D. Direct will follow up with you to discuss your financing goals and options.

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We Guarantee Our Financial Consultations

When you partner with us, we promise to improve your ability to access capital. If we don’t, you’ll receive an extra three months of service for free.

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