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How the A.N.D. Direct, LLC Approach Works & What to Expect

The CEO of A.N.D. Direct, LLC started in 2005 as a real estate investor right before the bubble burst, so he knows how hard it can be to access capital, especially when your personal or business credit is not so good or not yet established. At A.N.D., you can expect to be treated with respect and privacy of personal information. We have fifteen years of experience developing credit for individuals and businesses, so you’re in good hands.

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Credit Coaching

Anywhere in the world, you need good-to-excellent credit to finance major purchases like a home, a car, to start a small business, or to invest in real estate. How is your credit right now? If your FICO score is below 720 and you lack three to four positive accounts with no collections, no late payments, or no excessive inquiries (more than two in the last two years), your credit profile won’t let you get funding to make any of those large purchases.
With our proprietary personal credit coaching process, we can help you negotiate and thus eliminate most derogatory items, including inquiries. Our Personal Credit Coaching process typically takes thirty to sixty days to complete.

Credit Development

If you don’t have a good mix of three to four positive accounts, including installment loans and one to two major credit cards, with an average age of five years, you do not have a good enough credit profile to finance any major purchases or qualify for large-limit personal or business credit cards. This is where our Credit Development service can help. Our partners will qualify you for large-limit primary installment loans in your own name and will add you to well-established credit cards as an authorized user.
These tradelines, when added to a clean credit profile are likely to boost your score to the magic 720 FICO, which will greatly improve credit approvals. To save the most time and reach funding faster, it is recommended that clients sign up for and execute Personal Credit Coaching and Credit Development simultaneously. Both processes typically take thirty to sixty days to complete.

Personal Financing

Once you have the magic 720 FICO score and the necessary credit profile, we can help you find the best loans and credit cards for the best approval results based on our fifteen-year experience with underwriters. Our goal is to minimize inquiries and maximize funding amounts. Funding usually takes ten business days for approvals and another five to ten business days until you have funds in your bank account or credit cards in your hand.

Business Development and Financing

Once you have financing under your belt, you may be ready to start a business. To fund a startup, you need to achieve good-to-excellent personal credit by removing all negatives and adding any necessary tradelines to make your credit profile fit lending standards.
Then, you need a business entity that is set up the right way. This means having all information and documentation be consistent with your secretary of state, the IRS, and commercially. This

    • Credit Compliance requires:
    • Having a commercial address for your business
    • Being incorporated and in good standing in your state of choice
    • Having an Employer Identification Number
    • Having a Dun & Bradstreet Number
    • Opening a business bank account
    • Being registered with 411 and Google
    • Establishing five to six Tier 1 vendor accounts to build your business credit score.
      NOTE: If you already have a business entity, we will work with you to address any outstanding compliance issues. If you don’t already have a business entity or wish to acquire another one for financing purposes, we can acquire a business entity and build it for you in sixty to ninety days.
Credit Requirements for Different Credit Types
  • Business Credit Cards: To qualify for business credit cards, you will need Credit Repair, Credit Development, and Numbers One through Three of Business Credit Compliance (be incorporated, have a commercial business address, and an EIN) to qualify & get approved.
  • Vendor/Commercial Store Credit: For Vendor/Commercial Store Credit, your business will need Numbers One through Seven of Business Credit Compliance and then strategically move through Tiers Two through Eight, with increasing credit limits, going from Net-30 accounts to Revolving Accounts.
  • Business Loans: To qualify for business loans, your business must achieve all personal and business credit compliance and be able to show revenue of $5,000-$20,000 per month for a minimum of three months (usually six months) via bank statements or bank verification methods like connecting your business account to a lender’s systems directly with logins (e.g. Kabbage, OnDeck).

We Guarantee Our Financial Consultations

When you partner with us, we promise to improve your ability to access capital. If we don’t, you’ll receive an extra three months of service for free.

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