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We help individuals and businesses acquire & leverage the credit to access the capital they need to start or expand a business or to invest for passive income. Browse our site to learn more.

Credit Coaching, Business Development, & Financing Services

No matter what you need to get your life or business up and running, A.N.D. Direct, LLC’s team of financial advisors can help. Check out the list of services we offer to find what best fits you:

15 Years of Credit Help for Individuals and Businesses

Since 2005, we’ve helped businesses and individuals improve their credit and learn the ups and downs of investing. Contact us today and we can help you, too.

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So Professional and Respectful * Totally recommend them they are Great!

- Karen M.

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Your Top Source for Credit Coaching and Business Development

The CEO of A.N.D. Direct, LLC started in 2005 as a real estate investor right before the bubble burst, so he knows how hard it can be to access capital, especially when your personal or business credit is not so good or not yet established. At A.N.D., you can expect to be treated with respect and privacy of personal information. We have fifteen years of experience developing credit for individuals and businesses, so you’re in good hands.

At A.N.D., we’ve become experts in what lenders look for and how to qualify for unsecured lines of credit. In addition, we work with or manage teams of tax attorneys, CPAs, and financial advisors to plan and execute passive income investments for holistic income and wealth-building strategies. Contact us today to get started.

We Guarantee Our Financial Consultations

When you partner with us, we promise to improve your ability to access capital. If we don’t, you’ll receive an extra three months of service for free.

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